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We value our patients' experience at Mahtomedi Natural Care Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Gina Fiala

I have three small children who had suffered countless ear infections. Immediately after starting to see Dr. Gina, the ear infections stopped. Finally I have three children that can sleep and play with no pain. We continue to see Dr. Gina monthly to keep us all "in line" Thanks a ton Dr. Gina - Denise


One of the best attributes about Dr. Gina is her positive attitude. She listens to your needs and teaches you how you can benefit from chiropractic services. - Cheryl

I have been a patient of Dr. Gina for a long time. Having regular chiropractic care and massage has transformed my life. The chronic headaches and debilitating neck and should pain are a thing of the past. The massage I receive monthly is critical in helping maintain my health. I am a more relaxed person and more in touch with the needs of my body. - Ann

In early 2008 I first visited Dr. Gina after waking up one morning and being unable to move my neck. Even though I had not been to her before and it had been years since I had seen a chiropractor, she fit me into her schedule that day and got me on my way to recovery. I find her to be caring, competent and delightful. - Cathy

Dr. Gina was very sensitive to my concerns and honestly told me what to expect as we went along. Her gently adjustments made me feel comfortable. She is very professional, skilled and focused on individual holistic care, and very intuitive as to my needs at each visit. I look forward to her cheerful, warm and friendly personality. She is always on time with appointments and patiently answers all my questions. I value her knowledge and advice. I practice her recommendations for stretching exercises which had helped me with maintenance. My experience has been excellent, and I would highly recommend her to my family and friends. - Char

Last November, after suffering with a persistent headache for several months, I started coming to Dr. Gina for care. After a number of visits to her clinic, I can gladly say that my headaches are gone. - Dan

I have been a patient of Dr. Gina since 2006. I am a hairstylist and work many hours on my feet. Meeting with Dr. Gina on a regular basis keeps me in line, in more ways than one :) I recommend Dr. Gina to many of my clients and friends. I believe in total health of the body and I am glad to have Dr. Gina in my neighborhood and in my life. - Jessie

My name is Carson and I am Barb's cat. I am glad that Barb found Dr. Gina and that Dr. Gina is attempting to straighten her out - well straighten her spine out at any rate. Before she went to Dr. Gina, she had a pain in the tail region and that caused me problems. Barb has a great lap to sleep on but when she had a pain in the tail region she can't sit still. Seriously, Dr. Gina helps keep Barb's body healthier and when that happens, we all benefit. - Carson

Being a responsible person involves taking care of your health. Dr. Gina makes it really easy. She cares for you and your wellbeing even knowing that you have not done such a good job - putting off the care you need for a little too long. That is what got me back on the chiropractic track of taking care of myself. Walking and sleeping are much improved now. Dr. Gina knows your name, your familly history and any secret you wish to impart to her in the name of GOOD HEALTH. And aren't we glad that we all found her to tell her those things while improving our lives. I am. - Celeste

For years, I have been saying to myself that I was going to see a chiropractor for my scoliosis and never did. My back seems like it had never been the same since I had kids. After my second child in 2005; I knew that my back was in tough shape however, I did not know where to go. In March 2007, I was walking with my children in the mall, when I came across Dr. Gina's booth. I decided that this could be a sign to learn more about my scoliosis and I did. This is my first time experiencing chiropractic and Dr. Gina's knowledge about scoliosis had reassured me that I'm in the right place. I am your, vibrant, and taking charge of my health. - Kristin


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